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A fair bit of that sounded like sorcery/black magic to me!
Sorry I didn't mean to direct all that at you I was just trying to make everyone who is interested aware of some of the things we'd have to do.

I've registered UpHack in Launchpad: https://edge.launchpad.net/uphack and pushed up two bzr branches, including my event.d.

Is you're setup pretty standard? Could I just import all your scripts and give it a blast. Is that advisable.
That's exactly how I plan on spinning the first LiveCD. The most obvious problem I can see is that Readahead needs to be disabled when booting off the LiveCD; I think I'll have the readahead script grep for the bootup arguments indicative of a LiveCD and abort if found.

Before I spin a livecd, I'd like to reimplement all my event.d files in reference to a very standard (i.e. freshly installed Hardy) system.

I may need some help implementing some of this stuff. As I've no idea at all about it. I'm keen to learn though.
Sure. I don't expect anyone to understand what I'm saying right now until I set up some rudimentary documentation on a wiki page. Not only is Upstart very sparsely documented, a lot of these scripts are the creation of myself with zero documentation whatsoever.

I'm a bit busy these few days, but expect sometime over the weekend to get another big push of data.