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    Re: What do the colour of user's names mean?

    You will see that different users have different colour names. Here is a rundown on the meaning of the colours:

    • Black: Members of the forum. (I will explain this later)
    • Red: Forum Moderators
    • Dark Red: Forum Administrators
    • Green: LoCo Team Moderators
    • Brown: Developers
    • Purple: Hackers

    This Page lists all forum leaders/staff/groups. On your profile, under group memberships, you can request to join a group. If you are a member of that group you can choice to identify as a member. For example, I am a Forum Moderator, and a member of two teams, I can only identify as one at a time. If I identify as a member of either team, my name will be black. Most people identify with the group they are in that is the most unique, rarely do moderators identify as not being members of the moderator's group.
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