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Thread: Just "installed" printer, wauw, i am happy for Ubuntu

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    Just "installed" printer, wauw, i am happy for Ubuntu

    After checking out the forums for which printer to buy, i ended up with a Brother HL2030.

    It arrived, and during the tons of papers delivered with printers, there was the "setting up". Said to install drivers, and choose a disc according to Mac or Windows xp/vista and whether it is on USB or Ethernet. And on the back at the USB-port there was a sticker, saying "DO NOT insert before installing drivers".

    What a hastle, i thought. So did it the Ubuntu-way, plugged it in waiting for ubuntu to say "HL2030 found, using HL2060 drivers" Click ok, and printed out a page to test.

    I have not missed WXP since that faulty install, where i decided to go full Ubuntu. If only my work machine could be some Linux version. But using programs i think will never run in Wine.

    Ubuntu rocks

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    Re: Just "installed" printer, wauw, i am happy for Ubuntu

    Yeah, I hooked up an HP 1100 lazerjet the other day and had the same wonderful experience. Instant detection and I was printing about 30 seconds later. Linux is way too cool! It might become a bad habit - Gawd, it occured to me just now that I'm already addicted...
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