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Thread: Just a general greeting to all the south africans

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    Just a general greeting to all the south africans

    Hello mense

    I just stumbled across the loco forums and guess what we safricans are here.

    What I want to know is this has any documentation been translated to Afrikaans or any of the other south african languages yet?

    Also I know that the software repositories have local mirrors (Thank buddha so i can still install upgrades and software when I'm capped)

    Is there also local mirrors with cd images? Maybe of the Hardy Alpha Releases?

    Cheers bros.
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    Re: Just a general greeting to all the south africans

    if you want you can help with translations by joining the translation team via launchpad. first go to and register for an account. once you have done that, go back to the above url, and click on "help translate". follow the instructions from there.

    helping with translations is really easy, and the za translation teams could use more people. hope you give it some thought.


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