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Thread: VM / Cannot access external drive

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    VM / Cannot access external drive

    I created a VM and I have a backup drive connected to a windows machine in which I shared to the linux machine (Using Samba).

    Now as ROOT I can read and write to the share /media/backupdrive (actually on a windows server)

    Now I need another user to have access to the drive / to have write access

    I have tried chown, chmod, even found out how to give a regular user root access and can't figure out how to give a normal user access to the windows shared drive

    Anyone know how I could resolve this?

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    Re: VM / Cannot access external drive

    Use this to add a Share password to the system:

    sudo smbpasswd -a newusername
    Enter their password when asked.

    Seems like this should do the trick.
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    Re: VM / Cannot access external drive

    Bit confused cuz I don't need a password when doing from root

    I can mount the drive using any username but just can't write to it

    Here is the command I use:

    smbmount //Server/Share /media/Share -o username=WindowsDomain\\user,password=$MYPASS

    that works, but can't get any user besides root to write to share


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