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Thread: Networking and VMs..

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    Networking and VMs..


    Just getting started with Ubuntu + KVM.
    I want to give each VM its own external IP

    Host operating system
    VM #1
    VM \2

    Is there a good tutorial on how to achieve this?

    UPDATE: Ok I found a tutorial here :
    UPDATE : I plugged in an ethernet cable and it worked fine. Its not working over the wireless though, argh.

    I followed the part headed : "Virtual NICs Bridged Directly to Outside"

    My host OS can now connect through this bridge, but the VMs can't contact the DHCP server.
    I started them with -

    kvm -no-acpi -m 1024 -net nic -net tap windows.img

    Is there any VM networking configuration?

    Any better documentation out there?
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