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Thread: VMWare / Booting into VM

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    VMWare / Booting into VM

    I have VMWare VMServer installed on top of Ubuntu 7.10

    I want to create a XP VM but here is my question:

    After I create a XP VM with VMServer, how do I make it so when I boot up the VMServer it boots into the XP VM and not ubuntu?

    Question make sense?

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    Re: VMWare / Booting into VM

    You use the vmware console... the one that you used to create the vm.
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    Re: VMWare / Booting into VM

    Yeah I know I can do that, but what if I want to boot into the VM from the host machine?

    Like the Host OS boots up and then I want it to boot right into the VM after it finishes booting the host OS. Is that possible?



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