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Thread: come on now

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    Re: come on now

    books that don't describe every button: Ubuntu Linux for non-geeks:

    Also when you boot the system from the live cd there is a blue button with a question mark in the top panel when you click on it, it opens a menu. one of the options on the menu is "New to ubuntu" there it has tutorials and information for new users.

    Also the entire help menu from the blue button is also available here at the ubuntu wiki...

    there hope that helps!!

    I just realized I responded to this post twice with pretty much the same suggestion...

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    Re: come on now

    I recommend ubuntu which is considerably more friendly to such low powered machines from back in those days. Ubuntu focuses on usability,including the widespread use of the sudo tool for administrative tasks.


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    Re: come on now

    In case anyone doesn't know about them yet, there are two online search tools for getting help with Ubuntu.

    • Uboontu, a project that aims to integrate in only one place all the information and resources available through the Ubuntu Community.
    • Ubuntu Search Engine, an experiment that uses Google's CSE service to search over 150 Ubuntu related domains. This one has the benefit of letting you search Google right from the results page if you don't find what you're looking for.

    Both sites have Open Search tools for Firefox, and Ubuntu Search Engine also has a bookmarlet you can use. I actually use Uboontu as my default search engine in the Firefox Search tool.
    For an OSX look check out Mac4Lin (updated support thread)
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    The Search tool is your friend.

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