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Thread: Script to Server question

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    Script to Server question

    I've started using eclipse to refresh my programming skills and want to put my "Hello World" script onto localhost. I've got apache2 installed and localhost shows "it works!"

    I skimmed the Web Dev Faq, and while it's an excellent doc for newbz like me, it didn't answer my question.

    How do I get "hello world" to show on localhost?

    Thank you in advance

    PS>> I've been googling for hours. It seems like there is some requirement that all relating questions must be several software versions old and completely useless... *sigh

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    Re: Script to Server question

    What language do you want to script with, php?
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    Re: Script to Server question

    That was the original goal, but using eclipse derailed PHP into Java. Either way, I just wanted to refresh the programming fundamentals, syntax isn't the highest priority.


    EDIT> localhost still has default "it works" after apache restart
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