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Thread: LYX difficulties please assist

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    LYX difficulties please assist

    I am new to latex and lyx and have decided to use it for my thesis. I have a class file that was provided by my university along with an accompanying layout file. I have everything setup in the preamble that is required and even though the latex code shows the \begin{document} statement it keeps telling me that it can't find it when I try to view the .pdf file.

    The class files and layouts are all installed properly as far as I know.

    Please assist!

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    Re: LYX difficulties please assist

    I'm sure that there are Latex users out there on the CoLoCo team, so I am surprised that no one has responded to your message yet. However, you might find the answers that you are looking for on a forum or mailing list that is more specific to the software that you mentioned.

    I am not currently a Latex or Lyx user, but I see that there are some resources available for you.

    LaTeX Help:
    LyX User's Mailing List:

    I hope that helps out somewhat. Also, if you are specifically looking for Ubuntu help from the CoLoCo group, you might try visiting the #ubuntu-us-co channel on as there are almost always people logged in to that channel.

    Good luck!
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