Kudos for having successfully installed VLC. Now, the following will be kind of blind shots as I do not use vlc myself, but these sure will enable to view movies of many formats in Totem (and possibly in vlc). Here we go:

1) The Medibuntu repository holds a few valuable packages, "w32codecs" for Windows media codecs and "libdvdcss2" for playing DVD movies. For a general review:

1a. You can download w32codecs Debian package from:

1b. And libdvdcss2 from:

In both directories, you should look for the i386 (i.e. for 32 bit PC) Debian package with the latest version.

2) Also download the following packages from the Ubuntu repository:

2a. Package name: libdvdread3 (for DVD playback again)

2b. Package name: libdvdnav4 (for DVD movie navigation menu)

2c. Package name: gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly (a few other codecs)

2d. Package name: ffmpeg (for DivX support)
(You should download other files on the same page too, to be used in case ffmpeg needs some of them and they are not installed in your system.)

2e. Package name: gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg (companion to ffmpeg)

There may be a few redundant packages, yet this pretty much should do it.