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Thread: VMware Internet issues

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    VMware Internet issues

    I am using VMware workstation 6 on Windows XP and running ubuntu 7.10 through a virtual disk. At first, I connected to the internet using NAT connection and it worked fine, I installed vmware tools and restarted and it still worked. Then I downloaded the updates it recommended (about 185 of them I believe), installed them, and restarted. Before I started it back up I tried to make the connection a bridged connection directly through my NETGEAR wg311T wireless card to my wireless network but it didn't work. Since then I have been completely unable to connect to the internet inside that virtual disk. I cannot make a bridged connection (I can't see wireless network options, only ethernet or modem) or connect through the NAT virtual connection. Any help would be appreciated.

    Also, I took a snapshot right after I installed the vmtools, but I am not sure how, why, or what to do with it. I'm not sure if that can possibly help me though. Again, thank you for any help.
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