Hoy he recibido un corre muy interesant, Sun Mircosystems, los creadores de Java y la compañia que está detras de grandes proyectos como OpenOffice y NetBeans está ofreciendo premios para aquellos que sugieran ideas para el proyecto NetBeans.

Así que si alguno tiene una buena idea puede sugerirla.

Les dejo una copia del correo que recibí:
NetBeans Community member:

Do you have a dream project idea? Do you know something that is needed
in NetBeans-land? You could be awarded a grant of $11,500 to work on
your open source project!

Sun Microsystems is sponsoring the "Dreams of Reality – NetBeans
Innovator's Grant" contest, and will pay grant money to teams or
individuals with great ideas on how to improve or expand the NetBeans
Project. For full details see the grant page on the NetBeans site :


There are 10 grants for large projects (US $11,500) and 10 grants for
small projects (US $2,000). There is also extra grant money for the
best implementations, extending the grant to more then US $20,000. All
you have to do now is submit your idea and your implementation plan.

Your project can be a module, an application on top of the NetBeans
platform, or even non-code related ideas (like books or translations).
It is your project! The NetBeans Dream Team and the NetBeans Engineers
and Evangelists even suggested a set of cool ideas, take a look and see
if there is something you are interested in :


The competition dates are as follow:

- Submissions open -> February 1, 2008
- Submissions deadline -> March 3, 2008
- Judges announce the winning projects -> April 1, 2008
- Grant money paid to finished projects -> August 4, 2008
- Judges announce extra grant money -> September 1, 2008

The NetBeans Innovators Grant is part of a larger effort of Sun
Microsystems to offer US $1 million to open source developers. If you
prefer, you can propose ideas of other Java-related projects to OpenJDK
and Glassfish or even propose projects in the OpenOffice, OpenSolaris
and OpenSPARC communities. More info about the awards :


We look forward to your submissions!

Bruno Souza and the NetBeans Dream Team

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