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Thread: Moderators - Finance Area In "Main Support"

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    Moderators - Finance Area In "Main Support"

    MODERATORS or "Powers that be":

    How do thousands upon thousands (and perhaps millions) of us interested in MONEY-MGMT/FINANCE programs, a potential "killer app" for many normal users of UBUNTU/Linux and a potential high-growth area in the open-source area, get such an AREA posted in MAIN SUPPORT.


    THOSE of use using the newest issue of KMYMONEY, or KMM (and having tried GnuCash) believe this may be the app to take the market from MS Money or Quicken for many - propelling Ubuntu to even greater heights with normal people leaving MS Windows. Potentially 10s of millions of such users.
    HELP US PLEASE. We need to grow this area if we are to grow UBUNTU.

    We have Multi-Media and other key areas listed in Main Support - a marketing opportunity is being missed and we need such a place. ADVISE how we can help make a difference in this area.
    Lubeck USA

    A direct response would be appreciated - or forward to Marketing TEAM. Gracias.

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    Re: Moderators - Finance Area In "Main Support"

    I think a lot more people are interested in getting their multimedia work properly then actively in investing and finance.

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    Re: Moderators - Finance Area In "Main Support"

    I agree!
    For Linux on the Desktop a quicken clone is THE killer app.

    I find myself wondering why so much is invested in all of the different distros and a good financial app with direct connect functionality doesn't interest more programmers.

    I've had this ONE app and functionality as the only reason i still have Windows installed...

    In searching for a long time now, i've seen hundreds of people looking for a solution, so there IS a market waiting...

    the little EEE with kmymoney or gnucash and ofx direct connect and open office would make a sweet little appliance.

    when i got my first PC back in the `80's outside of word processing, home users would keep recipes and their checkbook on their PC... that's what got the PC in the home to begin with.

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    Re: Moderators - Finance Area In "Main Support"

    Quote Originally Posted by hyper_ch View Post
    I think a lot more people are interested in getting their multimedia work properly then actively in investing and finance.
    I suppose it's hard to say without a survey, but take a look at the apps that people most want to run in Crossover Office: Amongst the Crossover Office user base, Quicken in general is ranked #2 in votes and #8 in dollar value of pledges.

    For my part, I ran Quicken in Crossover Office until 2007, when I decided to switch to kmymoney. I tried kapital and gnucash before that, and finally settled on kmymoney for its usability and receptive development team.
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