Just wanted to let others know of my experience....

I have the t-mobile shadow and I use virtualbox to boot windows and sync my phone. I have the shadow set in the usb filters for virtualbox.

t-mobile came out with an update and I tried to install it. The update starts then after a few minutes the phone shows 3 sections of red, blue and green with some text in each section. Then the update shows an error message.

I called t-mobile and of course they have never heard of anyone trying to use virtual windows. Any case since I have windows installed on another partition I booted into windows and was successfully able to perform the update.

I think that when the update performs it seems the phone is not showing as the HTC (maker of the shadow) device anymore on the usb which probably doesn't allow windows to see the device anymore since I have the filters in virtualbox set to only the phone.

So for others that might try this try to set the filters on virtualbox to allow all usb devices.

I will try to see if I can test this but I have the phone back up and have install other apps. The update resets everything so its kind of a pain to reinstall all the apps i use. Maybe the next update from tmobile I will attempt this.