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Thread: VM Ware Tools Install

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    VM Ware Tools Install

    When I go into VMware and tell it to install VMWare tools it mounts the CD for the install. I have the OS set to Ubuntu. However it appears it uses the same image for every Linux. I have a tar.gz and an RPM.

    I know minimal about tar.gz and lots about DEB. I converted the RPM to a DEB and installed the DEB. However it says VMWare tools is not installed.

    I see it made folders but I don’t know how to run the program.

    So will this happen if I do the tar.gz method?

    I don’t know how to do tar.gz when I asked once they said to tell them what I was trying to insrtall (before it was just Ace of Penguins which I got a DEB for, I still had trouble running the games, they didn’t appear in the menu, I figured I would have to run the command "ace_pegged" or something like that or make a shortcut.) But now I am saying I want to install this.

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    Re: VM Ware Tools Install

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    Re: VM Ware Tools Install

    Well I could find Ubuntu there, but I found this page:

    Basically type:
        sudo aptitude update
        sudo aptitude install build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r)
        cp -a /media/cdrom/VMwareTools* /tmp/
        cd /tmp/
        tar -vxzf VMwareTools*.gz
        cd vmware-tools-distrib/
        sudo ./
    I modified it a bit, after it said cd /tmp/ and then cd vmware-tools-distrib it said directory not found, so I just extracted the tar.zg to the desktop and modified the cd command to /home/MPG/Desktop instead of /tmp/

    I can drag files into the VM and it captures the mouse.

    I cannot drag out cuz it says the host doesnt support symbolic links, so I guess that's a Vista problem.

    The screen rel does not resize like in Windows when I got from Windows to full screen, but I dont think the Linux tools does that!

    UPDATE: About the symbolic links thing, I tried again a second and third time and it worked, so that only happened the first time, the second time it said the file existed (as I copied the file from my desktop into the VM, so copying the same file out to the same place will do that), the third time I renamed the file in the VM and dragged it out!
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