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Thread: Two newbie questions

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    Re: Two newbie questions

    Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think that it looks up based on the tilte you entered, because when I have in the past had an ISO called HNMO.ISO (or something like that), I would change the movie title (not the file name) on the top line of the metadata edit menu from "HNMO" to "Home on the range" and then select search IMDB and it would be found by Myth in IMDB. I am not knowledgeable enough to know why it is not working for you. Hopefully someone else may know...

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    Re: Two newbie questions

    Quote Originally Posted by locoHost View Post
    You're contradicting: First sentence says "the cover art and description information will be downloaded and automatically inserted in the database" but then next to last sentence says "But from video manager you have to do this for each video"...

    So which is it? Is there a process that I can somehow start up that will go get the movie inof? Or do I have to enter the coverart and metadata by hand?

    Thanks for the reply

    The automatic part is the metadata insertion into the database after you get a match with imdb. The not automatic part is you have to initiate this match for each video via video manager. What about that is contradicting?

    It should use the title you enter in video manager if you've entered one, otherwise the filename:

    I wonder what is going wrong in your case... Perhaps just input the imdb number and be don..
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