I'm running virtual box on Gutsy so that I can use an XP guest. I've configured a network bridge so that I can use a static IP on both the Gutsy host and the XP guest.

Sometimes in Firefox on Gutsy, I'll pull up a well-known web site and Firefox will try to download the web page (you see little messages like "transferring...", "waiting..." in the Firefox status bar), but then it will only display a blank page in Firefox.

I'll try to hit Ctrl-F5 a bunch of times and I still just get a blank page. I'll try again a few hours later and get the web site fine.

When I have this problem in Firefox on Gutsy, I switch to my XP guest and pull down the web site in Firefox on XP. The site always comes down fine.

I don't know that it's related to the bridge, but I'm thinking it might be, so I asked here in the Virtualization forum where lots of other people are using network bridges.

Anybody know what the problem could be?