I have a client who currently dual boots XP and Ubuntu. He would like to go 100% with Ubuntu but he needs a way to run his stenograph and steno program in the Ubuntu environment. I am using the non-gpl'd version of VirtualBox.

There are two components here:
1) a usb dongle that authenticates the user and allows them to use the program
2) a usb connector that the steno uses to interface with the program

I was able to get XP to recognize the dongle and the steno device, and I installed the drivers for both. When I run the program (Ecplise), it only recognizes the dongle once or twice,; and then after I reinstall the drivers it recognizes it again.
When I finally get in the program, it doesn't recognize any commands from the stenograph.
As a final note, I'm not getting any audio playback.

Any ideas?

Info: The software is Eclipse version 4.something.something, and it's owned and administered by Advantage Software. Their web address is http://www.accucap.com. I have spoken with the techs, and they have no linux-related information.
Te Selle Court Reporting Eclipse Lupercalia
And the steno is a Mira

Hope someone out there has done this before. Probably not. Thanks anyway.