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Thread: Nevada LoCo Team

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    Nevada LoCo Team

    It seems like we are still pretty small, oh well, nevada has a very small population too so that might be the reason, I'm gonna join the Ecuador LoCo Team and work with them until this group gets bigger, See yah!!

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    Re: Nevada LoCo Team

    As far as the community on the boards here is concerned, it's nearly dead. I can't say I know of any kind of Linux groups in Vegas either, but that doesn't mean there aren't any at all. I just don't know of any.

    I wish that we could get something going here but I know most people are probably like myself, able to try to help support and show up to stuff occasionally but can't really run the show. I guess we don't have anyone that can fill the leader role right now, as far as time/effort is concerned.

    I might be able to something more in the near future, but for the time being, I'm kind of a spectator right now.
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    Re: Nevada LoCo Team

    I just discovered these local groups on the Ubuntu forums. I'm a Windows/Redhat support tech at work, but Ubuntu is my favorite at home. I run several Dell systems with Ubuntu 8.04, several older Dell servers with Ubuntu 8.04 server, a Dell Vostro 1400, and a Dell GX620 with Ubuntu 8.04 desktop.

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