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Thread: HOWTO: post to usenet with Ubuntu

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    Re: HOWTO: post to usenet with Ubuntu

    Quote Originally Posted by HackedServer View Post
    Unfortunately newspost doesn't have NZB support.

    After asked around I found out about newsmangler. It supports multiple connections and nzb creation.
    Nice. Does this script generate par2 file? I see par2 is a commandline option, but the TODO says:

    docs/TODO:* Add PAR2 generation. Read the par2cmdline source to work out how it decides

    ... so I wonder about par2 ...
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    Re: HOWTO: post to usenet with Ubuntu

    I've been trying to post some test files with newspost but get the following error...
    me@my-laptop:~/ys$ newspost -i -u -f -n alt.binaries.test.files -y -s TYS_Test /home/me/ys/*.part* /home/me/ys/*.par*
    WARNING: duplicate filename /home/me/ys/TYSSubsplus45avi.part1.rar - IGNORING
    WARNING: duplicate filename /home/me/ys/TYSSubsplus45avi.part2.rar - IGNORING
    WARNING: duplicate filename /home/me/ys/TYSSubsplus45avi.part3.rar - IGNORING
    WARNING: duplicate filename /home/me/ys/TYSSubsplus45avi.part4.rar - IGNORING
    WARNING: duplicate filename /home/me/ys/TYSSubsplus45avi.part5.rar - IGNORING
    Calculating CRCs... done
    Newsgroups: alt.binaries.test.files
    Subject: TYS_Test
    10 Files: 89.3 MB
    Yencoding 89.3 MB total and posting to
    Posting in 1 second...             Segmentation fault
    Not much to go on I know, sorry...
    I installed the recent deb with
    sudo dpkg -i newspost_2.1.1-4_i386.deb
    any ideas ?


    (I have edited personal info out of the code !)
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    Re: HOWTO: post to usenet with Ubuntu

    I finally got it running:
    following Martje_001's original post I installed newspost,
    made a folder with the file to be posted in it
    using that folder as my working directory, I issued the following commands in terminal:
    rar a <filename with filetype omitted> -v25m -m0
    this makes 25MB rar files (with the correct usenet naming convention) of everything in the folder (remove the handles < and >)
    then :
    In the working directory:
    par2create -r10 -n7 <filename with filetype omitted> *.rar*
    this creates 7 10% par files of the rars in the folder

    I then removed the original file from the folder, leaving the nfo file, the rars and the pars

    Then, using that folder as my working directory, I issued the following commands:
    newspost -d -i -f -F 'My Nickname'
    (include the single quotes around the Nickname)
    This sets the default newsserver, email address and Name for newspost
    Then issued the posting command
    newspost -n -y -s Subject_Line_of_My_Posting *
    ***this yencodes and posts everything in the working folder so make sure your working directory is correct before posting the contents of your home folder !!!!****

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    Re: HOWTO: post to usenet with Ubuntu

    Quote Originally Posted by Martje_001 View Post
    Because it's a bit hard to post (binary files) to Usenet with Linux, I decided to make this tutorial.

    Note: All commands, which you have to run in a terminal, are in code tags.

    1. First install a few programs
    sudo apt-get install par2 newspost rar
    2. Place the files you want to upload in a folder.

    3. Most files on Usenet are in rar-files. You can create these rar-files with this command:
    rar a "name of rar file" -v10m -m0 "/home/example/upload/"*
    Let me explain the command:
    name of rar file: This is the name of the rar-file. ".rar" will automatic be added.
    -v10m: Split the file(s) to a new rar-archive after 10 MB
    -m0: Set compression level (0-store...3-default...5-best).
    "/home/example/upload/"*: This means; rar everything in the folder '/home/example/upload'

    4. Now we can create par files.
    par2create -r10 -n7 "name of par file" /home/example/upload/*.rar*
    -r10: Percent par-files you want to create
    -n7: Number of par-files you want to create
    "name of par file": I don't want to explain this
    /home/example/upload/*.rar*: means; Create par-files of everything in the folder /home/eample/upload, which ends with .rar

    5. Upload your files
    newspost -i -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -f -n alt.binaries.boneless -y -s "SUBJECT" "/home/example/upload/*.part*" "/home/example/upload/*.par*"
    Extra notes:
    This is it. You can run commands after each one is done (with &&). Then it will be something like:
    rar a "name of rar file" -v10m -m0 "/home/example/upload/"* && par2create -r10 -n7 "name of par file" /home/example/upload/*.rar* && newspost -i -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -f -n alt.binaries.boneless -y -s "SUBJECT" "/home/example/upload/*.part*" "/home/example/upload/*.par*"
    Good God!! they need a GUI for this. I have waisted 4 nights sluthing the forums and google and DuckDuckGo searches and seams as though Linux is a total failure with usenet posting/reading file split Yenc management . As much as I HATE windows I miss NewsBin pro, it's hard to believe their is no Ubuntu counterpart not even close, Pan=fail/ knode=FAIL/ major missing features. especially uploading to the usenet. Files need to be split and yEnc coded automatically and nzb's created with nfo files all integrated in the upload process.
    I can't believe the fantastic intelligent support for Linux now and they are so out of the loop with the Usenet. and Oh Ya support for SSL port 563 connections a must now with newsreader/writer/posters. Most of us [especially mine] have all these programs in our systems as Xterminal command line programs and craplications, The GUI developement is a disgrace for these.
    I hate the fact that I have 1 windows box [laptop] on hand for when I want to sleuth the newsgroups. Linux can't touch Newbin pro. Reads writes manages corupt files [PAR] a nd auto eYenc upload and download, preview even tells me if the files are Password protected apon commanding a download as not to waist my time.
    Auto handles nzb's [Usenet shortcut to files]. and creates them too. I'd pay a hundred dollars for a Linux version of NewsBin pro right now. NO it doesn't fly in Wine, as is most of the case.

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    Exclamation Re: HOWTO: post to usenet with Ubuntu

    Seems as though the linux community really needs a website possible commercial that does all of the intricate manipulations to a binary file attachment needed in order to post to usenet.
    It would have to have a "Profile data base " so you enter your usenet account info over an ssl port maybe even need an IPsec key to secure it and then have a powerful web GUI to handle uploads. Of course people that are on the edge of society or in my case paranoia of privacy data mining [spying is immoral etc..] would not like it, but heck, I don't see Linux's developers as having any intention of fixing this Layman's way [GUI] to post to usenet problem. There used to be a Newsgroup service out there that had a web interface but I forget who it was.

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    Angry Re: HOWTO: post to usenet with Ubuntu

    Quote Originally Posted by Hated On Mostly View Post
    Finally a solution for people who use Linux.
    JbinUP has some qwerky demands on JAVA 2.6 from SUN.
    Witch in my case may send Openshot video editor and other proggys to the sharts.
    This is what happens when one depends on "other" peoples work to make "Their" program work. [As in I-PAD's JAVA crippling] Just a little system upgrade so often causes UN-intended consequences that turn programs into pile of binary bile. A more "Self Contained" attitude has been longing for GUI driven nntp file uploads in linux. Such as Putty, you can run it from a thumb-drive on another box without messing with the other box's OS to get it to work. I use it to create sslh multiplex tunnels to encrypt my internet activity entirely when using a VPN service that supports socks5 tunneling.
    Not cheap but worth it. I cringe every time someone writes code that demands SUN JAVA in order for it to work, I wish linux would stick with the GNU/SDK versions of it when they need JAVA.
    Sincerely; The Ultra Cronic disgruntled network technician working on his second stroke and third heart attack.

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    Re: HOWTO: post to usenet with Ubuntu

    For those interested I found the package newspost_2.1.1-4_amd64.deb on the website debian-archive at this location :

    It is working perfectly on Ubuntu Precise 12.04 amd64 ... Thanks all for the tutorials and all the good stuff.
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