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Thread: HOWTO: VirtualBox Snapshots. The Ins and Outs of Snapshots.

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    HOWTO: VirtualBox Snapshots. The Ins and Outs of Snapshots.

    Description of a Snapshot in VirtualBox:
    * A Snapshot is like a making system restore point for your virtual operating system. This is how it's done.

    System Tool>VirtualBox>Snapshot>Take Snapshot
    Title: *Whatever You Want* (Mine are usally Dates like "Since 02/06/08*)
    Description: *Whatever You Want* (Mine talks about Fresh Installation of the OS or whatever is install during each snapshots.)

    Now, everything up to this point has been saved, but now, you are currently working with the new snapshot. So, basicly: the new snapshot *Whatever You Want* snapshot [Mine was "Since 02/06/08]) is going to be used for now on. Meaning any files and/or installation of applications will be saved under *Whatever You Want* snapshot (Mine was "Since 02/06/08) for now on. You can as well make additional snapshots as time increase or any time during your time with your virtual operating system. Maybe a snapshot day by day, if you want really wanted.

    ***NOTE: To make new snapshot: (like adove)
    System Tool>VirtualBox>Snapshot>Take Snapshot
    Title: *Whatever_You_Want*
    Description: *Whatever_You_Want_For_a_Description*

    To start off:
    - Make New snapshot call it "Whatever_You_Want" (for this Example I will use a snapshot called "Since 02/07/08")
    - Boot up your Virtual Operating System (for this example I will use "Windows Vista")
    - Create a folder on your desktop, call it "New Folder" (Mine was "02/07/08")
    - Shut down the Virtual Operating System (Mine was Windows Vista)
    - Create another snapshot "Whatever_You_Want2" (for this Example I will use "Since 02/08/08")
    - Boot up your Virtual Operating System (Mine was Windows Vista)
    - Create another folder on your desktop, call it "New Folder (2)" (Mine was "02/08/08")
    - Now, You should see two folders on the Desktop "New Folder" & "New Folder (2)" (Mine was "02/07/08" & "02/08/08")
    - Shut down your Virtual Operating System (Mine was Windows Vista)
    - Revert back to "Whatever_You_Want" (Mine was "02/07/08")
    *Note:Within VirtualBox>Snapshots (#)>click on "Whatever_You_Want2" (Mine was "Since 02/08/08")>click the icon that says "Revert to Current Snapshot (Crtl+Shift+R)
    - Start up your Virtual Operating System (Mine was Windows Vista)
    - Look at your desktop
    - Now, You will only see the one folder named "New Folder" (Mine was "02/07/08")
    - You have fullly loaded up "Whatever_You_Want" snapshot (Mine was "Since 02/07/08" snapshot)

    "Revert a Snapshot" Reverting to an old Snapshot and "Discard a Snapshot" Discarding the current Snapshot:
    Be careful, these two options "Revert a Snapshot" and "Discard a Snapshot" are very different.

    "Revert a Snapshot" allows you to use the snapshot before the current snapshot you are using at the moment, but the current snapshot is still store. (like in the Example, "Whatever_You_Want" [Mine was "02/07/08])

    "Discard a Snapshot" deletes the current Snapshot. Now, you HAVE to use the Snapshot before the snapshot you just deleted. (like in the Example, "Discard a Snapshot" "Whatever_You_Want2" [Mine was "02/08/08"] and now you HAVE to use snapshot "Whatever_You_Want" [Mine was "02/07/08"]).

    I wrote this long HOWTO on Snapshots, because I always write little notes on my personal computer adventures. Everything from installing a game through wine to terminal codes. It's so I don't forget anything. A while back, I discard my one of my current state on my windows virtual operating system (I didn't mean to >.<) and had no snapshot to revert back to. I lost a few months of homework and fully working seamless windows operating system within my linux box. So, I am hoping someone out there will takes my advince and make a snapshots of their operating system. Hopefully a few snapshots. So, they don't lose everything like I did. :-/

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