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Thread: Initial NWA LUG re-formation meetings and notes

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    Initial NWA LUG re-formation meetings and notes

    We came. We saw. We conquered. We made notes.

    Check out the compiled notes from the initial NWA LUG re-formation meetings. We're mostly concerned about nailing down a day and time that works for us all.

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    Re: Initial NWA LUG re-formation meetings and notes

    I'm not sure if replying to your notes here would be best or on the Google Group would be better. So I'm going to post here. If you want I can post it to the Google Group, as I just joined.

    Community fundraising for people or non-profits in financial need. Example: Charge $5 for entry to a LAN party. Three dollars could cover the costs and the last $2 could go to the deserving non-profit.
    Unless you get the room for free as well as any other items,it is possible that $3 will not cover costs. I am one of the Admins for ArkansasLAN and I also go to other LAN Parties across the state. Rooms can get expensive fast. If you are looking for low cost/free rooms, check out your local libraries. The problems most LAN Parties have is power. Most locations have power problems due to not enough circuits or not enough amperage. Luckily we have plenty of power at the Hot Springs Civic & Convention Center. Just about every other LAN I've been to has had to find more outlets on different circuits because the breakers kept getting overloaded.

    Of course none of this covers any equipment needed. I'm sure your members can pool resources but there will alway be something that needs to be purchased.

    Last year I hosted a small Linux LAN in Conway called the Arkansas Linux LAN. I'm hoping to do this again this year. Last time I did it for free, but I had to purchase some power strips, RJ45 connectors, & misc stuff that I forgot to get from the ArkansasLAN "stockpile". I also bought some snacks. It cost me somewhere around $60 to do this. Last year as we only had a handful of people we didn't have any power problems. Hopefully I'll get to do this again, but this time there will be a charge so I am not out of pocket again.

    We also discussed future LAN parties and an Install Fest coordinated with the release of Hardy in late April. (I noted that Central 
Arkansas Linux Users Group holds an annual Install Feast where food is
    (Looks like this got cut off.)

    I am a member of CARLUG and we usually have an Install Fest around April or so, although we haven't got around to making decisions on this years. That's something I need to get on today.


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