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Thread: Qemu, Windows, and File Sharing

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    Qemu, Windows, and File Sharing

    I've been using Ubuntu for about a week and love it. I want to be able to use windows on the occasions that I need to (mainly for Photoshop CS3) without rebooting my computer. I went ahead and started running XP with Qemu, but since it only has access to its own little partition, its not of too much use to me. Is there a way I can access my larger windows partition (about 70% of my total HD) through Qemu or even a way where I could use that partition to run windows from without rebooting?

    Also, is there a way to make Qemu fullscreen and have it as one of my viewports?

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    Re: Qemu, Windows, and File Sharing

    You can share files with any networking protocol.

    ssh (scp), nfs, samba, ftp, http ... take your pick
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