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Thread: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    I am nearly always using GNU/Linux; there are numerous machines in this room, with many OSes installed, but all are GNU/Linux.

    I have 3 other machines currently running in the house (server in the garage; and 2x PCs in other rooms); they all run GNU/Linux.

    Do all my machines use GNU/Linux though; sorry no.

    - XP system

    I still have a box with a XP/NTFS partition, which has two programs installed; Red Alert II & Star Wars Battleground (old games). I may not play those games very often, but until the drive fails (or I make a mistake on that box doing QA-test installs) I still have a windows system (it's denied internet access though)

    - loader ; IBM PC-DOS 5.02

    I have a box under the house that runs a program I wrote long ago which runs under CP/M, DOS or OS/2; I've kept an old box (with multiple hard drives; none bigger than 340MB; yes that's MB and not GB) for running it. That box wouldn't run/fit a modern GNU/Linux, as whilst it's not i386 exactly (I think); it's maybe i486 class (and today you need an i686 cpu for 32-bit, let alone more ram, more disk...).

    FYI: I rarely use the loader box; it's setup & does exactly what I want; however it's so old it doesn't even have a twisted-pair NIC installed; and I have to turn on old thin ethernet (coax/BNC) hubs for it convert to twisted-pair & speak to my network to backup the file it edits... I usually use an old IBM (t42p) thinkpad instead that does run GNU/Linux (Debian) instead, as I discovered my old program works using `dosbox` as thankfully I compiled a version of it to work under DOS but the old PC-DOS 5.02 box I still have & is ready to go if needed (it's the only box I have that will use 5.25" or 8" floppies if I ever need them; and as for the thin/coax ethernet; long ago I found a newer NIC card which has both 10BASE2/BNC + 10BASE-T/twisted-pair, but I was scared I'd muck up the config.sys file parameters as I sure don't remember DOS that accurately; so the newer card sits on the box in it's bag ready to install). I'll re-write that program some day to make it run on GNU/Linux directly (though I made that decision about ~2003 & still haven't).

    - Some of my history with GNU/Linux

    I first used GNU/Linux sometime in 1998, though I used Debian GNU/Linux only for a long time. I loved Debian GNU/Linux as it felt like a unix box to me (after all it was GNU; I'd used unix at university long ago).

    A brother gave me an old Nokia Server (which had OpenSuSE on it); it was that box that made me realize all Linux boxes had GNU on them, not just those with GNU/Linux in the name (ie. Debian). I don't think I tried Ubuntu until 10.10 or ~2010; it was then that I decided I liked Ubuntu (I could treat it like it was Debian; with dpkg/dselect/apt-get/etc I knew somewhat well); I fell in love with Ubuntu with Ubuntu 11.04 (though I still use Debian too)

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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    I have, except very occasionally I have to boot into Windows at work because the label printer can't be made to work in Ubuntu 20. It worked in Ubuntu 18. (I posted a bug report and it was soundly ignored.)

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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    I got my ubuntu laptop a week ago and apart from looking at a form design while rebuilding in LOBase I haven't switched my old ms/win laptop on since the new laptop arrived. A few niggles along the way, most notably printing/printer issues and vagaries but I have transitioned completely.

    Juno Computers Laptop running LibreOffice (Calc, Base, Writer), GIMP, Scribus, LibreCAD (only tried briefly so far), Firefox, Evolution, Rhythmbox. With various existing printers for various reasons including a label printer.
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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    Since I built this CrossOver 21 bottle starting from AudioGridder, I am really considering the switch. I was a Windows user, then a macOS user since the last 10 years and I am trying to go with the less budget possible. Ubuntu studio is awesome, really. CrossGridder lets you use any Windows VST plugin pretty much like as if they were natives. But it can do a lot more things and circumvent few current AudioGridder limitations. CrossGridder it's totally free and it will always be. I hope you enjoy it.

    Just read the PDF, it was done on macOS, but for most part it is the same for Ubuntu Studio.

    Some other key features are: you don't need anymore a virtual machine to run vsts on ubuntu unless you really want to. CrossGridder uses less cpu, ram, hd space and the latency is basically the same as a native plugin.

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