So this is pretty hard for me to explain, impossible to create. I need some help if anyone is willing to help me. I cannot learn a scripting language from zero, I have no time, believe me... so if anyone is willing to help me, then welcome

I need to write a script that parses the 'category' entry of .desktop files in /usr/share/applications and ~/.local/share/applications and which then creates folder for the found categories and links (or copys) the files according to their category.

The folders, one for each category, could also have already been created, there no real need for the script to create them. As long as it is able to link / copy all the apps of a certain category into a folder. The purpose is to have a common browser like Thunar or Nautilus display the installed applications in a folder view, rather than a simple men¨. It is a sort of approach similar to MacOSX's Finder. But Findr shows the user all of the applications installed into the same folder: the Applications folder.

Instead I need an "Utility" folder, a "Games" folder and so on. If a men¨, like the gnome men¨, can do it, then can a filebrowser do it too? Any other approach to the problem is OK, as long as the result is the one I described you. For example, the script could also sort applications in the corresponding folders by parsing the gnome / kde /whatever men¨ entries.

well, hope I managed to explain what I'd like to be able to obtain
Sorry for bothering you all but this is important as I'm trying to create a very easy Linux platform. I'd like the user to be immediatelly able to access every software from a dock with a number of launchers, one for every category. I'd like the user not use menus. This is just an idea but if you can help me it will become something real