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Thread: vserver on ubuntu server

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    vserver on ubuntu server

    hi all;
    i install vserver on ubuntu 6.06 using this doc:

    but i find difficulties when trying to install on ubuntu 7.10

    NOW i want to install vserver on ubuntu server 7.04, will i find the kernel ready for supporting versver or i have to patch the kernel like the desktop version.
    do you have any docs on how to install vserver on this version of ubuntu


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    Re: vserver on ubuntu server

    FYI: I tried vserver a while ago and was not successful

    I am able to get OpenVZ running (Ubuntu 7.04 or 7.10), here is a link to my (OpenVZ) how-to :

    Hopefully someone with more experience with vserver can help, and hopefully we can recruit domeone to update the wiki page :
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