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Thread: vm acer

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    vm acer

    I have a silly acer so it have a ton of wifi trouble(it doesnt work) So I dont want to really install ubuntu but i was wondering how hard would it be to install ubuntu in a virtual machine to work on the wifi and then if i got it working the install it for real.

    So i have some guestions.

    1. what is the best virtual pc to use

    2. how do i install ubuntu on a virtual pc

    3. will i have any problem doing this ie i heared that the mouse doesnt work for some people

    4. how do i fix my wifi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. how hard is it to uninstall ubuntu for a virtual pc after i have it installed.

    6. can i use byerls in a virtual pc


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    Re: vm acer

    Please I really want to know how to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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