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Thread: MythVideo questions

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    MythVideo questions


    I'm wondering 2 things about MythVideo.

    The first is if it can handle subfolders. I.e I have a mounted sambavolume called media-files. This has the subfolders Series, Anime and Movies. so I add these 3 in the MythVideo setup with ; separator, i.e
    And the question I have is if it can find the subfolders in Anime automatically or do I have to add each folder that has files in it regardless?

    The second question is about the mkv format. I have mplayer as default for MythVideo atm but I wan't to use VLC for this format, is this possible or do I have to use 1 for all formats?

    // Andreas

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    Re: MythVideo questions

    Yes, MythVideo can handle directories. I have my videos seperated into Movies and TV Shows directories. It is worth noting that this functionality changes depending upon which view you have selected within MythVideo.

    As far as the player type, there are options within the settings section to have certain extensions open with specific commands, that should do what you want it to.


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