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Thread: [SOLVED] Qt4 + Firebird (RDBMS)

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    Question [SOLVED] Qt4 + Firebird (RDBMS)

    Hi all,

    I'm developing a toy in C++ using Trolltech's Qt4 library, just a small GUI for altering rows of a few tables.

    My toy is working properly using QSQLITE driver (Sqlite3), QMYSQL (MySQL 5) and QPSQL (PostgreSQL 8.x), absolutely no problems with those RDBMS, but..

    This week I looked at Firebird2 and decided to give it a try. In a few minutes I discovered that the package libqt4-sql (the one that provides support for accessing databases from Qt4 apps) comes with just a few drivers enabled (coincidentally the ones that I mentioned above). Firebird is NOT enabled by default.

    I've noticed that OpenSUSE provides independent packages, as plugins, for each RDBMS, for example "libqt4-sql-drivernamehere", while Ubuntu (probably Debian also) provides only one package that enables support for three RDBMSs. I guess if Suse's way of solving this is more convenient...

    I've found posts in some mailing lists suggesting to recompile the libqt4-sql package in order to enable the QIBASE driver (for Fbird support), but I don't know exactly how to do this.

    Any ideas, suggestions, thoughts ?


    note: you may have noticed that I'm not so fluent in English, excuse me
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