Hello all,

First off, I am pretty new to Linux...

I have a pretty well functioning setup of MythTV on Gutsy, however the epg is a little strange.

My machine is running a celeron D, 2Gb mem, Nvidia 5200 vid card, and PVR150 with the grey remote. This is hooked to a standard tv through the svideo connection. The setup is a frontend/backend on regular desktop.

I can scan through the channels without the preview area changing channels if I use my keyboard, but not with my remote. If I press the keys which I mapped to pagedn/pageup or the 3 or 9 keys on the remote, the EPG highlighted program moves like it should however the channel in the preview also changes.

This would not be so frustrating if the keyboard was consistent with the remote. As it is, if I want to just see what else is on whle still watching my current program, I have to get down right in front of my tv so I can use the keyboard.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, since I am fresh to linux, I will need some direction on how to copy any output from the terminal which might be needed.