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Thread: Can Xen Provide my Solution?

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    Can Xen Provide my Solution?

    Any Xen experts lurk here?

    I have two requirements for a new virtualized environment, and I'm really hoping Xen will fit the bill since VMware Server, and I believe KVM, will not:

    1. RAID Support: can I use Linux soft-RAID on the native OS (dom0)? How about support for soft-RAID controllers such as Promise cards?
    2. Access to native (dom0) PCI resources: one OS we need to virtualize is a win32 server for fax serving. This application requires access to a PCI card that handles the incoming and outgoing faxes from our phone system. Will Xen/dom0 allow direct access to a PCI card from within a VM? (VMware Server will not...)

    Thanks everyone! I really would like to use Xen to replace these 6 servers... otherwise I will be stuck with using a win64 server as the native OS for VMware Server, and having the fax server on the native OS... talk about a pig!!


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    Re: Can Xen Provide my Solution?

    I've been around this forum for about a year and there has been about two Xen posts... no experts.

    The best way to find out if Xen will do what you wish is to try it:

    It's not too hard to install. Good luck and please let us know how you do.
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