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Thread: virtualbox to go? o.O

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    virtualbox to go? o.O

    I have a creative zen vision W 30gig music player, and im also going on vacation with my moms laptop, and obviously I cant bring my computer....

    so I was wondering If there was a way to put windows on my player and then access it via pluging it into a laptop..? Or is that not possible?

    Also I wanted to know if you could use games that require that 3d graphic accelerator option that WINE cant use? I wanted to play the game yugioh online

    all help appreciated

    - Ryu

    PS: If I could install linux and somehow emulate an enviornment for yugioh to work with, that would be cool too :O!

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    Re: virtualbox to go? o.O

    I have fiddled around with this in the past, but I never got it to work. My major hurdle was not being able to configure GRUB correctly. If you use it with GRUB, GRUB will look for you Zen every time you boot... which is bad as if it can't find it it will give you an error. (Error 21 I think.) So it is likely possible... but I wasn't able to do it.



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