I have only tested this with Ubuntu, so good luck trying on any other distros.

You need:

  • Wiimote
  • Guitar Hero III guitar
  • some kind of blue-tooth adapter

Now you have to install some packages first:
sudo apt-get install libbluetooth2 bluez-utils original-awk bison flex libbluetooth2-dev autoconf mouseemu libgtk2.0-dev
With all that installed you can now install the actual Wiimote drivers:
sudo apt-get install libcwiid0 libcwiid0-dev lswm wmgui wminput
Now you could already use your Wiimote as a mouse! Just type:
sudo wminput
Or to get it working with the IR sensor:
sudo wminput -c ir_ptr
Once that's setup we can go onto installing the script to get the guitar to work.
sudo gedit /etc/cwiid/wminput/gh3
# Wii Guitar profile for Frets on Fire
Classic.Down=KEY_ENTER #Strum
Classic.Dpad.X = ABS_X
Classic.Dpad.Y = ABS_Y
Classic.LStick.X = ABS_HAT0X
Classic.LStick.Y = ABS_HAT0Y
Classic.RStick.X = ABS_HAT1X
Classic.RStick.Y = ABS_HAT1Y
Classic.A = KEY_F1 #First Fret starting at top of wiiguitar
Classic.B = KEY_F2 #Second Fret
Classic.X = KEY_F3 #Third Fret
Classic.Y = KEY_F4 #Forth Fret
Classic.Minus = BTN_SELECT
Classic.Plus = BTN_START
Classic.Home = BTN_MODE
Classic.L = BTN_TL
Classic.R = BTN_TR
Classic.ZL = KEY_F5 #Fifth Fret
Classic.ZR = BTN_TR2


To let the guitar connect to your computer hold down the buttons 1 and 2 on your wiimote (which is attached to the guitar) and in the command line type
sudo wminput -c /etc/cwiid/wminput/gh3
Now you just have to install Frets on Fire!
sudo apt-get install fretsonfire fretsonfire-game
This didn't work on my laptop, so I had to download the file from the FOF website (http://fretsonfire.sourceforge.net/), extract it and then just double click on "FretsOnFire".
Your now ready to rock! If you are wondering where all the songs are, they should be under "/FretsOnFire/data/songs". If not, well: "argh"....