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Same problem here. Would be really nice if you could post your changes here. You should commit your changes or send a patch to the developers.

Thank you in advance,
Unfortunately I've found that it still doesn't work perfectly ... if the icon you're clicking on is the only window on another desktop, it will minimize/restore the window on the other desktop rather than taking you to that desktop and focusing the window. I should fix that, but I've drifted back to OpenBox/Fluxbox due to some other niggling issues with PekWM (flaky behavior from some KDE applications, progress dialogs that get stuck and sticky across all desktops, etc.) I'll probably try PekWM again after a few more releases because I did really like it.

When I get home, I'll post the change I made to fbpanel. Maybe someone can take that and use it to fix the only-window-on-another-desktop issue.