Helloooooooooooooooooooooooo you UBER active community
today i've just got my 37" Toshiba Regza LCD TV, & you know.. it's pimpin' time!
i've been thinking about the HTPC thing long time ago, my network is up & running ready for all me multimedia needs.. for a start, my network looks like:
LIN-BOX-II: internet router/firewall, file/printing server, audio streaming.. running Gentoo
N-BOX: my workstation, again Gentoo for 99.9999999999% of the time & WinXP X64 for gaming
MAC-BOX: my Macbook, running OSX Leo for studies
X: my bro's workstation, heavy photoshop / autocad running (as you may guessed) WinXP!
DaDas: my sister's pc running Ubuntu! *woohoooo*
HTPC-BOX: which we will be running Mythbuntu

enough spam, on to the point..
now i've been reading a lot about "you'll need a 3.0GHz cpu.." or such stuff, but guys come on!! i think that some tends to exaggerate! personally, i have no problemo getting a new super-duper hardware for my HTPC, but the thing is that i hate it when i see some hardware laying around collecting dust! right now, i have:
CPU: AMD AthlonXP Mobile 2600+
MoBo: Abit AN7
VGA: GeForce 5900XT 128MB

so i wonder if the above hardware are that retard for doing the following:
1. DVD playback, & i mean all the xXYyZZZzzz-High Definition stuff or whatever
2. DVD rips i already have, encoded with various codecs, DivX/Xvid/matroska...
3. audio playback, MP3/OGG/FLAC/WMA..
*. notice that for watching TV, for the meanwhile, i'll be depending on my Sat receiver because of the non FTA channels i've already subscribed for, else if you have any ideas..

PS, in case you wonder, i'll equip the above mentioned hardware with 1GB DDR400 RAM, 320GB SATA HDD, DVD burner....

so bottom line, bassed on your personal experience/usage, will such hardware do the job? or should i prepare the $$$?

thanks in advance & excuse my rush, it's my 1st post!