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Thread: GetDeb: Phoenix

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    Angry GetDeb: Phoenix

    As many of you are probably aware, GetDeb and its sister site, PlayDeb, went down a while ago, and now it has been announced that it is to be discontinued.

    GetDeb: Phoenix (as you can probably guess) is currently just a Google plus community with the aim of re-hosting GetDeb in a new and improved form (GetDeb v3, as v2 was the one that went down).

    Any help (especially with Phython and Packaging) would be appreciated by everyone.

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    Re: GetDeb: Phoenix

    its a shame,but everything changes that's life.

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    Re: GetDeb: Phoenix

    I do hope this gets new life as there were so many packages on get deb that are not in the main repos, or things we will need many ppa's to get.


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