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Thread: There's a reason the iPhone doesn't come with Linux.

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    Re: There's a reason the iPhone doesn't come with Linux.

    Quote Originally Posted by days_of_ruin View Post
    What does a piece of hardware have to do with software?
    Gnu/Linux is about software not consumer electronics.
    Wait, aren't computers pieces of consumer electronics? And aren't many other pieces of consumer electronics (PDAs, MP3 players, phones) managed by computers, and have software written for them?

    Software can't exist and has no point to exist without hardware. Without hardware, software is just a collection of words and punctuation that doesn't do anything, and makes the people who wrote it look crazy. By being in software you are in fact about hardware and consumer electronics.

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    Post Re: There's a reason the iPhone doesn't come with Linux.

    A very eloquent, well written piece. However the writer does miss the focus of what open-source development is alltogether.

    Creativity comes at many levels, the only thing that open source software would do is enhance it. Constantly “thinking outside the box” and working around obstacles, often the ones imposed by proprietary dev sheds, are prominent in any open-source programmer's toolbox. People wont write software for linux? Fine, we'll write software that will run other platform's software to open a wide range of possibilities for us. And as far as encapsulation is concerned, we have the freely available open-source code repositories have helped govern the potential disoganization implied by the article.

    To the point, it would seem to me that there is a lot of "borrowing" from open source to proprietary and vice-versa, so I don't really see where he is going with the concept that open cannot come up with originals. Be it concepts, GUI designs or simply low level functionality, these two realms cross all the time. Heck, WinXP even has an /etc/hosts file (Don't bug me about relevance). One might go so far as to call it a symbiotic relationship.

    Truly I would think that the only possible drawback to the open source community is people's ability to commit a percentage of their time "for free". The great thing being that because it is open source, someone can pick up and carry the flag to the next step (until they graduate or starve, whichever would come first). Furthermore, the writer misses the point that what a company can do with 51 billion annual revenue and 79,000 employees behind them can also be done through the philanthropy and good will of wo/man (Dare I say better; last I checked I didn't need 2GB o ram just to make my linux OS run smoothly).

    Its not that the open source community cannot pull together enough to focus their efforts on one project, its that the people with the money do not want to share. There is already an iPhone hack out there that is built on the existing hardware and could well have been a first generation release for the platform. If we could pull all the stops, Moore's law may itself be quantified from double bounds to quintuple bounds.

    Jaron, the subject of your article drifts, therefore my reply follows suit. So in fuzzy conclusion, why are we reading drivel with lots of big words thrown in try to confuse us from the fact that you've considered the possibility of hiring Martha Stewart as a life coach?


    P.S. I am not a communist and understand economy, free enterprise and the such. Good job Mac, M.$. for compiling peoples stuff and selling it, true business.

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