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Thread: Going to Fedora Core 3 for a while...

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    Smile Re: Going to Fedora Core 3 for a while...

    The ONLY thing I found that FC-3 did really well, was install my HP-PSC1210 printer through my network connection, and the printer is running off my wifes laptop using XP. No muss, no fuss, just a few clicks and it worked.

    Why is it the women get all the new toys, and we are left to tweak for ourselves.??
    cheers - gabbman
    Linux, The Desktop of Choice

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    Re: Going to Fedora Core 3 for a while...

    Quote Originally Posted by jdong
    Trying to rip SELinux from Fedora, though!
    Me too, but I have found that I have to throw away all of their ~60 kernel patches, and reconfiguring the beast from scratch.
    I still I have a vfs panic at boot time. I have a serial ata chip, and yes I've compiled serial ata support and ICH5 support (my chip) built in into the kernel as well as filessytem support.
    I keep trying, but I'm starting to think that there are issues with selinux enabled libc or something, so if I strip their kernel patches I can't boot. Who knows

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    Re: Going to Fedora Core 3 for a while...

    isnt SELINUX in FC3 have a few bugs

    im still usin FC3 but once i figure out how to use this distrib unbuntu without needing to keep lookin stuff up it can become default

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