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Thread: Tutorial of the Week

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    Re: Tutorial of the Week

    Week two in the reanimation of the Tutorial of the Week sees this as a highlight: A great rundown on How To: Use GnuPG along with WHIRLPOOL Hash to Encrypt an Individual File.

    True, this thread is a little dated, but presentation and style are what counts here, and of course the issue of encryption is certainly no less pertinent.

    kevdog, a forum regular, has put together a narrative that is easy to read and which explains many of the principles for beginners or less experienced users.

    And as an added bonus, there is a long list of examples that show the commands and codes in action. Finally, with plenty of external links, it does a good job giving you extra information in case you want to investigate further.

    And so for giving us the Tutorial of the Week for Feb. 17, 2011 ... a gold star for kevdog:
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    Re: Tutorial of the Week

    This week's tutorial pick definitely falls into the "gee-whiz!" category: howto run a script when a USB device is pluged in.

    Minor spelling problems aside , Carlos Santiago does a good job giving a crash course on how to hot-wire udev to do something special when a specific USB device appears on the system.

    It's short, simple and to-the-point, but no less useful for it. This is one of those easy tricks that has an immense amount of potential -- mostly because it connects two seemingly unrelated ideas and fits them together in a way you probably hadn't considered.

    The tutorial will get you started, but what you do from there is up to your imagination.

    Oh, and I almost forgot: A gold star for Carlos Santiago:
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    Re: Tutorial of the Week

    There can be no denying that the Tutorial of the Week is alive and well now, particularly with the addition of max_power's [HOW TO] Git server /w multiple computer connections.

    This tutorial might be unusual in its focus and complexity, but it's well arranged and visually easy to manage. Furthermore -- and perhaps even more importantly -- it underscores the fact that Ubuntu isn't just for desktop systems. It's just as capable of handling high-end, complex tasks as it is surfing the Internet or playing games.

    And so for that reminder, and for a well constructed tutorial to boot, a gold smilie for max_power:
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    Re: Tutorial of the Week

    The tutorial pick for this week is another oldie-but-goodie, this time with a very terse title: cprofitt's How-To: UFW.

    UFW, in case you didn't know, gives you a quick and easy way to handle the network filtering applications that are part of your system by default.

    The tutorial is likewise easy to handle and understand, with breakout code boxes and individual sections for different tasks. Quite clear, and quite comprehensive too. A gold star for cprofitt:
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    Re: Tutorial of the Week

    The tutorial spotlight this week is on another thread that has been around a while -- andrew.46's [Howto] Setup irssi and join #ubuntu on Freenode.

    Getting help is a very important part of learning about Ubuntu, and IRC is one of the best and fastest resources available. irssi is a simple, text-based tool that will run in a terminal window, takes up very little space and needs almost no major configuration to work.

    andrew.46's tutorial is very well arranged, with color-coded commands, step-by-step directions and a good sense of direction. irssi is useful, and the tutorial is similarly helpful for newcomers and experienced users alike.

    A gold star for andrew.46:
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    Re: Tutorial of the Week

    This week's highlight jumps to the high-end graphics bracket, with adam22's no-nonsense How to: Use Compiz.

    There are plenty of tutorials available around the Internet that will give you tips on how to run Compiz; adam22's does a good job of running through the basic options and combining them for dramatic effects. In other words, how to use it.

    Of course a tutorial about Compiz wouldn't be very useful without screenshots, and adam22 has plenty to offer. So you'll know what your desktop should look like, if you follow the steps there.

    For those, and for a clean and well presented tutorial ... a gold star for adam22:
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    Re: Tutorial of the Week

    It's time again to pluck out a winner from the pack, and this week it's chaosz911's How to install ideviceinstaller.

    As you might have guessed from the name, this one will be of particular interest to Apple owners. chaosz911 shows you how to build and use software that will connect you to certain Apple gadgets, which will no doubt enthuse you if you want to work directly with your iPod or iPhone.

    The real value of the tutorial is in its presentation though, with easy-to-read code boxes, step-by-step instructions on compiling ideviceinstaller and even a short section on things that can go wrong, and how to fix them.

    If we had a little Apple icon as an award, I'd give it here. I guess a gold star will have to do ...
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    Re: Tutorial of the Week

    This week's tutorial standout is a clever little gem by WorMzy entitled, "HOWTO: Mount NTFS partitions with specific ownership/permissions".

    Besides being just plain useful -- and a clever way to circumvent NTFS's lack of proper permission handling -- it's well arranged, cleanly presented and has a good explanation of what's going on. Oh yes, and it also has color.

    And perhaps best of all, it only requires editing one file to get things going properly. For showing us how, and for keeping it simple, a gold star for WorMzy:
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    Re: Tutorial of the Week

    This week's tutorial pick might strike you as a little bit coddling; after all, the author is not only a staff member, but it isn't the first time drs305 has been tapped for the weekly award.

    But it's hard to overlook Grub 2 Password Protection. Not only is this a terrific thread topic -- security should always be at the forefront of your computing experience -- but it is arranged beautifully.

    Titles and headers, color-coded instructions, table of contents, outlined format, breakout boxes for codes, links to similar threads and external resources ... this is a professional job.

    Take a look for yourself. The topic is interesting, the delivery is phenomenal ... a big gold star for drs305:
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