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Thread: Ubuntu's Nemesis

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    Ubuntu's Nemesis

    I just installed Ubuntu/Linux/Unix and let me say it is one of the best operating systems I have ever used. I am not an opposer of Windows, just an opposer of Microsoft business practices.

    I am actually a student programmer who has been developing in a unix environment for about 4 years. So you may ask yourself why did it take me so long to install a Linux distribution on my machine. The answer is simple, I love games, I like portability, I like something familiar, I like to be like everyone else. If someone asked me If everyone else jumped off a bridge would you to? I would probably say yes. Sociology shows this point to be a rational response.

    This was my school of thought until a little research let me understand that I can do on linux what I did on windows. The problem with any distribution is the fact that I had to research this. Had I not been a developer at all I may not have ever heard of linux let alone ubuntu leaving me stuck in the "matrix" known as Windows.

    Hence, I come to the point, Ubuntu and any Linux distribution's nemesis is not Microsoft, it is lack of advertisement of its existance, its capabilities, and its philosophy. Misconceptions such as the ones I had long followed have fueled a fear of the unix world. It is our job as users to support the OS that we love.

    With the age of the internet and nearly free and instant communication we should begin to advertise ubuntu just as political campainers use the internet to aid them. Post youtube videos! Keep one on the main page everyday. Post google videos! Post! Post! Blog! Blog!

    Fuel the flames of competition. Competition is what drives us to a better society.

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    Re: Ubuntu's Nemesis

    Yeah, I'm thinking of starting a website to document my process of setting up and using an alternative OS.

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    Re: Ubuntu's Nemesis

    It's just an operating system...

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    Re: Ubuntu's Nemesis

    Quote Originally Posted by Kimmik View Post
    It's just an operating system...
    Yeah, it pushes bits around in registers and memory addresses.


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