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Thread: Just for fun: Notable Wikipedia revisions for Ubuntu

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    Just for fun: Notable Wikipedia revisions for Ubuntu

    Just for fun...

    After editing the Ubuntu Wikipedia article today, due to SJR announced that KDE will not be serviced as LTS for 8.04, I thought it would be humorous and educating to show the state of the Ubuntu Wikipedia article after every Ubuntu release.

    First article made for Ubuntu - (2004-09-16)

    Warty Warthog - (2004-10-22)
    This one is a little fuzzy as Warty was released on 2007-10-20

    Version Release date Codename
    4.10 October 20, 2004 Warty Warthog
    (5.04?) (expected Apr. 2005) Hoary Hedgehog
    (5.10?) (expected Oct. 2005) Grumpy Groundhog
    (6.04?) (expected Apr. 2006) Perky Penguin
    Hoary Hedgehog - (2005-04-08)


    Ubuntu has a package called ubuntu-calendar. When installed, the package will make Ubuntu download monthly wallpaper images along with system upgrades. Some of these wallpapers, showing art photography of nude people, have resulted in Ubuntu being humorously refered to as the porn distribution, Linuxxx and other such names. Installing and using ubuntu-calendar is optional.
    Breezy Badger - (2005-10-13)

    In the future, there will be a branch codenamed Grumpy Groundhog. It will be a permanently unstable development and testing branch, pulling the source directly out of the revision control of the various programs and applications that are shipped as part of Ubuntu.
    Dapper Drake - (2006-06-01)

    Edgy Eft - (2006-10-06) -- FEATURED ARTICLE

    Feisty Fawn - (2007-04-19)

    Personal Edit - (2007-10-02)
    Overloaded the release article with information about past Ubuntu releases which, later was minimized

    Gutsy Gibbon - (2007-10-18)


    Comments and future edits welcome :)
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    Re: Just for fun: Notable Wikipedia revisions for Ubuntu

    I like the boot, login and desktop comparison.


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