"Another common criticism concerns the integration of new forms of digital rights management into the operating system, specifically the introduction of the Protected Video Path. This architecture is designed such that "premium content" from HD DVD or Blu-ray discs may mandate that the connections between PC components be encrypted. Devices such as graphic cards must be approved by Microsoft. Depending on what the content demands, the devices may not pass premium content over non-encrypted outputs, or they must artificially degrade the quality of the signal on such outputs or not display it all. There is also a revocation mechanism that allows Microsoft to disable drivers of compromised devices in end-user PCs over the Internet."

This is not a MS bash thread; this could happen to any OS if ideals of freedom are abandoned. While other threads have discussed TC (trusted computing), this one brings to reality TC's actual presence in modern products, regaurdless of personal feelings towards the products themselves. I bring no personal opinion as a theme to this thread. For more information, see the link in my sig..

I understand many feel that TC will never fully make it, and that is a legitimate opinion. But, the smallest steps are the ones we often miss..