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Thread: Didint really realise spyware was so bad on windows!

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    Re: Didint really realise spyware was so bad on windows!

    Quote Originally Posted by GoA
    Spyware is only problem for stupid users. Which are most of the people.They coulnd't handle linux either.
    Except that you don't have to actually do anything to get spyware... If you leave a freshly installed WinXP machine directly connected to the internet for a while, it takes an average of 12 minutes for it to become infected. And if you are crazy enough to use a tool that come with the OS to do your surfing (IE), you better not use it to actually go anywhere because you can get infected without even having to conferm anything (big thanks there ActiveX).

    Expecting your OS to work doesn't make a person 'stupid'.
    "Windows is something to overcome"

    Howto's by me:
    Tweak firefox! (URL now works..)
    Backup/Restore your system!
    Avoid having to reboot
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    Re: Didint really realise spyware was so bad on windows!

    Oh, and just to say something else... P2P has never gotten me a virus when I used windows. 800 song downloads and no viruses from it =O

    Oh, and on that XP Install, I used IE to download and install opera and download drivers. SPyware even affected opera, changing IE and opera homepage. I just thought, my little brother uses windows... No chance im gonna take a chance and just try to take the spyware off. Im gonna format...

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    Re: Didint really realise spyware was so bad on windows!

    What really floors me are the ActiveX dialers and the fact that even MS-Windows XP OFFERS ABSOLUTELY NO KIND OF PROTECTION AGAINST MODEM DIALOUT!!!!! You have to $buy$ a freaken program if you want to prevent programs from dialing out. IMO, MS-Windows software has suffered a massive credibility problem, especially free proprietary software. But if you want firewall, antivirus, antispyware, download manager etc... unless you want to fork over $$$ and annual subscription $$$, you have to use free proprietary software. And before you get antispyware software, you better check out that it is not on this list

    I got one of those ActiveX dialers back when I was a fool and used MS-Windows 2000 and Internet Explorer. Fortunately for me the dialer didn't work. I only found out about it much much later when I became wise to malware and installed Spybot Search & Destroy. That was back in 2001 or 2002 or something like that I can't remember. Now I only use MS-Windows for games and have disabled all network devices, network-related services (as far as I know them), and everything I possibly could in Internet Explorer. MS-Windows works fine, as long as it can't connect to the Internet.

    Quote Originally Posted by rolfotto
    A lot of windows software just jacked my computer by starting up on default.
    I can't agree more. That irritates the crap out of me, even "legitimate" software does that. Unless you know how to edit the registry and know where to look you are screwed.

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    Re: Didint really realise spyware was so bad on windows!

    Quote Originally Posted by Galoot
    (* I wrote him out of my will a week later.)
    Quote Originally Posted by aysiu
    I hope you're kidding. Email return addresses can be faked quite easily, you know. Or, some kinds of malware hijack your address book and send emails out from your account.
    Yeah, i know. I explain the concept all the time to folks wondering why their aunt is sending them viruses.

    Anyway, it was him. We talked about it later, and he called me paranoid.

    I now forward all my spam to him.

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