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Thread: Need help finding a laptop to buy in Canada

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    Need help finding a laptop to buy in Canada

    Hi hi.

    K after scratching and saving for about a year or so I finally managed to get some money for a laptop.
    I have been watching laptops on the internet for about a year or so and apperently from what I read is that if you buy a laptop that is about 900 or and up you will get similar hardware perfomance comparable to a desktop.

    This is one of my majore issues as I would like to get a laptop that is comparable to what I could get a desktop for with the money I spend.

    So far I have managed to save $1,000 for my purchase but am also looking into financing so if I can get financing I will spend anywhere from $1,400 and up to about 1,600. I might spend a bit more say up to about $1,800 if the laptop have really good guts.

    Also I want it to have a nvidia 128 or 256 m videocard and have not seen any 512 m vids for laptops out there yet.

    I Have been looking at the AMD turion mobile for a bit but was told that money to money I am better off getting a intel as I will get more for my money.

    I have heard a lot about the centrino processors but do not see any of them on the dell site and am interesting of finding a good price on one as they might prove a good option.

    your recomendations are greatly welcomed and yes it will run Ubuntu on it.

    Mary Christmas and a happy new year, ALL
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