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    Attn: Metalheads

    I need some help. I posted a thread over in the Absolute Beginners area about sound cards. I am very particular about my sound. Then it dawned on me that maybe I don't have the settings right on my equalizer etc.

    I listen to primarily metal. All genres from traditional, power, black, death. Even some glam and hard rock such as Aerosmith, and KISS.

    I have a really good sound card for my windows installation but it isn't supported in Linux. Unfortunately, at this time I am using on-board sound for Linux. It's not bad but not great.

    Most of the time I have to listen through Bose In Ear phones. (although I will be in the market for actual headphones in January). I am using Amarok for a media player for my CD's and ripped CD's, which are in FLAC. I have a few MP3's around on my disc.

    When I watch Videos (I have a pretty good library of music DVD's I have my settings mostly on headphones.

    I realize that this is a personal choice but I just can't seem to get things to sound just right. Any suggestions on settings or what I can try for a better experience.

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    Re: Attn: Metalheads

    not sure if you have tried exaile. i love this program and the gutsy version in the repos has an excellent equalizer. it has some nice presets but is easily adjustable. i actually ran across this program cuz i am nuts about having my equalizer and there was a lack of music programs in linux with equalizers. the equalizer was added recently to the development of this program but it works awsomely.
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    Re: Attn: Metalheads

    I've tried Exaile. May try it again, could give me fits with it's library feature though. Will just have to see.


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