In my previous HTPC setup (MCE2005), I had an auto playlist set up called "Party Mix". I had 'Party Mix' in the comment field of the tags of the files that were to be in the Party Mix playlist. The auto-playlist then searched my music library for files that had 'Party Mix' in the comment field.

Unfortunatley the Smart playlist function in MythMusic doesn't allow searching the comment field.

One solution I tried was to use Amarok to search my library for the appropriate files (approx 600 of them) then bulk change the ratings field to 5. (I don't use ratings for any other purpose). Then use the get the Smart playlist to search for files that have Rating=5. Problem is, Mythmusic doesn't seem to use the same field for ratings.

Is there any software that will allow me to bulk change the rating field in the tag that Mythmusic uses? Or is there perhaps some other way of acheiving what I am trying to do?