Back in the bad old days, when I still used Win XP MCE, I had a fanless ati radeon 9220. Then MCE upped the ante from directx 8.0 to 9.0. At a stroke, the 9200 was obsolete. I then bought an fx5200 (also with 128 mg), as I still needed a fanless card.

Now I use linux on all my PCs and mythbuntu for my media centre. So I could use either card but up til now have only used the fx5200. I am building a second box and need to make a decision about which card should I use in my primary box. Is the fx5200 a better card overall than the 9200 for mythtv - or rather I guess, which is the best card/driver combination?

I have read other threads but they are not specifically for mythtv/mythbuntu...