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Thread: To any new openSUSE user

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    To any new openSUSE user

    - has a wiki with lots of information, howtos, etc.

    - The openSUSE project doesn't supports any patent encumbered codec. Doesn't include packages in the official repositories and doesn't gives information about how/where to obtain packages. To obtain this kind of information you must go to

    - The only third party repositories you need are Packman ( ) and VideoLAN ( ). And VideoLAN is really only needed for the libdvdcss package that adds support for commercial DVDs.

    - If you are searching for a package not available in your installed repositories use It doesn't searches into Packman or VideoLAN repositories. Alternatively you can use

    - openSUSE uses libzypp based software for package management (zypper, opensuse-updater, YaST module, 1-Click) by default. But alternatively/complementarily you can use libapt (from Debian) based software (apt-get, Synaptic), yum (from Fedora) with yumex and kyum, and Smart.
    Most people uses libzypp or Smart. To install Smart and have a good working configuration just follow the instructions from this post:

    - Since some kernel developers think non-open sourced kernel modules violates their copyright openSUSE only includes open source drivers (the same for Suse Linux Enterprise). The most common hardware affected by this is ATI/NVIDIA graphic cards and Atheros based WiFi cards. But driver developers have created third-party repositories with their drivers packaged for openSUSE: , and I include them here for Smart users, but you can install them with 1-Click links.

    - You will listen a lot that openSUSE *was* a KDE based distro but since Novel bought it now is a Gnome oriented distro. The fact is that in the last survey 68,3% of openSUSE users mainly used KDE3 or KDE4, only 26,9% mainly used Gnome. So yes, Gnome now is better supported than before, and if your prefer Gnome use Gnome. But if you are a KDE user don't change because of openSUSE... there are 3 KDE users for each Gnome user (these users report bugs that are fixed) and KDE support from Novell still is so good like it was before.

    - All this information is explained better in and . Just search it. - -
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    Re: To any new openSUSE user

    Good post. Probably ought to be a sticky in this forum.
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    Re: To any new openSUSE user

    I agree for the sticky part.

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    Re: To any new openSUSE user

    Maybe you could add the new german community-site to the link-section. The community there currently is rather small but with more attention given to them they will grow. I hope so.

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    Re: To any new openSUSE user

    Great post...

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    Wink Re: To any new openSUSE user

    Tnx red, I have a dual boot Ubuntu / OS 10.3 box and all is well except the nut behind the wheel (me) can't get his hands around the openSuse part


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