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Thread: Improving DTV Signal Strength

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    Improving DTV Signal Strength

    Hi there. Just installed Mythbuntu, been messing with MythTV stuff for a while now.

    For starters I have a Nova T 500 PCI Dual HD Tuner card. They have there issues, that's for sure, but it works. The one thing that gets me though, is the signal strength of digital tv. It's not real good. I'm sure I've installed the drivers right, I followd the guide on this address: , and paid close attention to the section where you edit a file to turn on amplification. But my signal still isn't up to scratch, if I plug a standard digital set top box into the same aerial port the signal is fine.

    So I guess my question is, is there anything else I should keep in mind to keep my signal strength up to scratch? Any specific MythTV or Mythbuntu settings that will help me out?

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    Re: Improving DTV Signal Strength

    I can't help you out on this one, but I have also noticed that the signal strenght isn't as it should.
    I have a Nova-T-500 ( dual DVB-T tuner ), and it seems that when signal is 50% on tuner one, it's 70% on tuner two ( the same frequens/channel ).
    On a STB the signal is 99%, so I guess that the tuner isn't' as sensitive as it should be...


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